Account Controller: Designed for handling Account management/User related information

GET SecQuestions

GetSecurityQuestions Action: Return all the security questions available in the system

POST users

CreateUser Action: Create user in the AD based on the password params and set security questions/answers

GET users

GetUserInfo Action: Return regaiterd user related information like SSN, DOB, ZipCode

GET SecQuestions?userName={userName}

GetUserSecurityQuestions Action: Return registerd user's security questions

POST secAnswers

ValidateUserSecurityAnswers Action: Validate registerd user's security answers passed in the model and return 200 on success

PUT secQuestionsAnswers

ChangeUserSecurityQandA Action: Change registerd user's security questions/answers as passed in the model and return 200 on success

PUT users/passwords

ChangeUserPassword Action: Change registerd user's password as passed in the model and return 200 on success

GET users/logindata

GetLoginData Action: Get registerd user's login related information

GET users/agreements

GetEulaAgreement Action: Get current EulaVersion and EulaPage

GET users/faqs

GetFaqs Action: Get frequently asked questions/answers

GET users/faqs2

GetFaqsV2 Action: Get frequently asked questions/answers version 2

PUT users/passwords/noauth

ResetUserPassword Action: Update registerd user's password to new password passed in the model and return 200 on success

PUT user/validate

ResetUserDetails QA and Password: Update registerd user's password to new password passed in the model and return 200 on success

PUT username

ChangeUserName Action: Change registerd user's username as passed in the model and return 200 on success

PUT users/passwords/firsttime

No documentation available.

GET UserOSVersion



Smart Email Controller: Designed for handling Samrt Email

POST emails

EmailSave Action: Accepts EmailSave model, uploads attachment and send email

POST emails/send

EmailSave Action: Accepts EmailSave model and send email


Tutorials Controller: Designed for handling Tutorials related information

GET tutorials?type={type}

GetTutorial Action: Accepts type and return tutorials

GET supportContent?type={type}

GetSupportContent Action: Accepts type and return tutorials


Medical Controller: Designed for handling Medical Informations related information

GET medicalproviders?From_Latitude={From_Latitude}&From_Longitude={From_Longitude}&Radius={Radius}&Facility_Name={Facility_Name}&Doctor_Last_Name={Doctor_Last_Name}&Provider_Tax_id={Provider_Tax_id}&Provider_Phone_Number={Provider_Phone_Number}&Specialties={Specialties}&PageSize={PageSize}&PageNumber={PageNumber}

GetMedicalProviders Action: Return medicalproviders

GET medicalprovider/specialties

GetMedicalSpecialties Action: Returns Medical Specialties


Claim Controller: Designed for handling Claim related information: All actions in this controller are restricted(token is required)

GET claims

GetClaimList Action: Return user's claims

POST claims

AddClaim Action: Accepts addclaim model and return success if claims added successfully

GET claims/servicers?claim_id={claim_id}

GetClaimServicers Action: Accepts Claim ID and return claim servicers


Payment Controller: Designed for handling Payments/Transactions related information

GET payments?claim_id={claim_id}&pageNum={pageNum}&pageSize={pageSize}

GetPaymentsList Action: Accepts Claim Id, Page Num, Page Size and returns claim payments with paging links

GET payment/detail?trans_id={trans_id}

GetPaymentDetail Action: Accepts Trans ID and returns transactions for a trans_id


Claimant Controller: Designed for handling claimant related information

GET ClaimantAddresses?claim_id={claim_id}

GetClaimantAddress Action: Accepts Claims ID and return claimant address